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Project Description

LiSA is a tool intended for aiding in the conducting of Literature Mapping Studies. The current implementation supports the standard processes within the domain, adding to it a collection of data enabling the generation of reports for studies and simultaneous work on a given study by physically separated project members.


Mapping studies are, as their name implies, a study of a domain and an attempt to map it. The process for a Systematic Mapping study is illustrated below. Much like a Systematic Literature Review, it focuses on doing research followed by taking the results and refining them, categorizing them and then uncovering new knowledge about them.

Image from K. Petersen, R. Feldt, S. Mujtaba, and M. Mattsson, “Systematic mapping studies in software engineering,” 2008.


LiSA is short for the Literature Study Assistant. The program consists of a client component coded in C#/WPF and a server component coded in C# as a Windows server project. The .NET solution allows large flexibility and ensures platform support for the long run.

LiSA offers the user the conveniences of working against a server component, enabling data to be saved concurrently and multiple users to work simultaneously. From creating a project to working on it, the project aims to give the users the information they need without obscuring the current work at hand.


January 21st, 2016
LiSA has been given several upgrades. A couple nasty bugs have been removed, including failure to properly update categorizations and exporting reports. Furthermore, many views have been streamlined and given a facelift to further enhance the user experience.

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