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Technical requirements

The LiSA client requires a Windows installation and .NET 4.0 or later

The LiSA server requires a windows desktop or server installation and admin rights in order to register on the required ports.

To run the LiSA server with a dedicated database, access to a MSSQL server must be granted between the server component and the database server. A database must be created on the database server with the same name as given in the connection-string in the Settings-file, along with server address, provider-name and required login information.


  1. Download the ZIP-files from the latest release at Downloads
  1. Unzip the packages and run the setup.
  1. Once installed, start the server. Make sure to run as Admin to enable the server component to establish a hold on the required ports.
  1. When the server is running, start the client, create an account and login. See the Documentation page for more information on using LiSA

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