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Download the client and install.
Download the server and unpack into a windows server directory.
Edit client .config file to point at the server location.
Alternatively, run the server from Visual Studio as a project and run the client up against it for testing.

Currently the server is set up to run with the client alongside on the same machine for presentation purposes. The Server contains the ability to utilize a dedicated SQL database rather than the current SQLite implementation. If the settings file is changed for this, the SQL database will need to be created prior to running the server component in order to prevent issues with NHibernate.

Should the server component be run on a dedicated server, the clients settings will need to be changed to reflect this and point at the pertinent address.

Using LiSA

This section contains information regarding the process of using LiSA. Screenshots accompany the text as well as philosofies on why the various components are designed the way they are.

Manage Users
Create a Project
Work on a Project
Technical Requirements


The code is self-documented using triple-slash comments. For new developers on the project, please ensure this is kept consistent, as well as project structure to enable ease-of-entry for future developers on the project.

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