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Manage Users

To start out, it is necessary to create a User for one-self. Thus, a new user can click the “New User?” link on the
login screen to open the window for user creation (Figure 1).

Figure 1 LiSA startup and login screen.

LiSA is designed to allow multiple researchers to work collaboratively, and as such, multiple users can and
should be attached to projects. New users can be created at any time and added to a project as they appear by the projects members.

Figure 2 LiSA home screen containing the project overview.

Once a profile is created, a user can then access the program by logging in with the credentials. This will
present the main window, at which clicking the Projects tab reveals the projects overview (Figure 2). This is
where all projects the user is associated with appear. From here, there are two options: select a current project to proceed with, or create a new project (which is detailed in the following sections).

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